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Arena Bookstore is an e-book shop where educational, informative Business and spiritual books can be ordered online.

At e-book arena, we ignite your passion for books. We’ve got arras of books to keep you focused on your curiosity as you enjoy your lifestyle. We believed that the words embedded in books would change our world. Our mission is to bring the power of reading to your world.

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Our catalogs have endless choices, and it is growing evermore. You’ll find every type of eBook imaginable, from the classics of yesterday to the bestsellers of today as well as our expertly packed audiobook series. That perfect reading is waiting for right here. An EReader for everyone. Go shelfless with the Storage space for thousands of e-Books collection.


Austine Akata grew up admiring books. His early childhood were dedicated to reading books as a result of which he was discovered by his elder brother David who, among many media outlets, took some of his articles to the Daily Times of Nigeria.

Today his passion and love for books made him an author, a writer with many inspirational books to his name both spiritual and business. You can check him out at a website dedicated to promoting his e-books in PDF, and Audio format, e-booksarena.com. You can also find the same author’s books in other e-books stores, including Okadabooks.com, e-books.ng, farafinabooks.com, bookvilleworld.com, Amazon, and lots more.

He is the president and chief executive at e-book arena that drives growth, profitability, and innovation in a fiercely competitive market, combining Passion for reading with a deep focus on better technology that can make the reading life of our esteemed customer interesting. A passionate motivational speaker, author, blogger, marriage counselor, Investment and social networking sites consultant, and minister of the Gospel.

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